<br>Vihana manghwani for Vikas paradise, Mulund

Vihana manghwani for Vikas paradise, Mulund
“The minute I saw Shimona's work on instagram I knew she was it! I still remember the first onsite meeting with her. She was so excited and had great ideas but most importantly she spoke exactly what I wanted and had imagined my preschool to look like. She is a perfectionist and as we started working together I knew I had nothing to worry about. She goes into minor details and puts her heart in the project. She even went to the extent of painting a wall on her own( maybe that was her love towards me We were running on a budget and she gave us a million wonderful ideas and still designed something that we loved. Never got tired of providing us with options! She loves her colours and can transform a full space with that. And talk about best out of waste! She can transform an old tub into a sofa! I think that's amazing! Working with her was like working with a friend. She delivered exactly what our mock layouts looked like or even better. Would love to work with her again.”
<br>Mansi Nagpal, Weavers Playschool

Mansi Nagpal, Weavers Playschool
“Getting my house made with her vision is the best thing ever happened! Shimona has a vision and all ears to you and your desires. She understands your personality and lifestyle and designs your home around that. My house is just a reflection of me and my family. And that's what she strives for with all her projects. More than her creativity, what makes Shimona different is her patience and approach towards her clients. She literally can spend one entire day only to come on the page with her client to choose the linen. I never knew the side of mine that Shimona made me see - colours and art on my walls with beautiful quotes, I never knew I love all that so much. Her team of people are very cooperative. Shimona also ensures she resolves the small issues that people face after building the house with excellent patience and thoughtfulness. She is a strong women and very fun to work with. I can't wait to rebuild my house again with her by my side”
<br>Shubhika Davda, Papa Don't Preach, Lower Parel Mumbai

Shubhika Davda, Papa Don't Preach, Lower Parel Mumbai
“When design hex first designed my studio showroom , the ease with which my thoughts got translated into an experiencal space made it seem like it was printed straight out of my brain. The outcome was exactly a mirror image of my imagination right from the textures, colours and fabrics. I think the best part about Shimona is not just her own signature fresh aesthetic but also, an effortless ability to make the mundane look like an interesting element of the space's personality. "Perfectly flawed" is how I'd like to describe the spaces she designs, which is exactly what I was looking for in my home as well. I wanted every wall and every corner to look like an interesting independent element, yet weaving the entire space together and that's exactly how I design my clothes too. Apart from the aesthetics, the inclusive and practical approach towards the users of the space gave a more personalised experience. The space was undoubtedly pleasing as well as user friendly, which I appreciate the most about Shimona Bhansali and her team. This is what makes, getting lost in the right spaces a comfortable , homely and yet exciting experience.”
<br>Vinod Sharma for Sharma Residence, Navi Mumbai

Vinod Sharma for Sharma Residence, Navi Mumbai
“Shimona has the uncanny ability to recognise a clients tastes, visions and needs from their space right on the first meeting! She then uses her understanding of you to lend your personality to your space, but it looks far better than you could imagine. A wonderful young interior designer and a class apart.”
<br>Jyoti Kothari, World One Tower Lower Parel Mumbai

Jyoti Kothari, World One Tower Lower Parel Mumbai
“Home is not a place it's a FEELING and Shimona is one person who understands that feeling. She is one the most dedicated professionals I have come across with an amazing team. Shimona is great to work with and understands clients needs and works around it . Her collaborative approach enabled us to achieve our vision of a perfect family home. I wanted to work with an interior decorator who is open to build on ideas and work together as a team and Shimona was able to provide just that. Shimona also showed a lot of flexibility as we changed a few things during the build to achieve a great design. At the end we have our perfect family home that is practical and beautiful all in one. Even after the house is complete her team has always been responsive and is available if there is any issue. Thank you Designhex for giving us our dream home. It has been a pleasure working with you.”
<br>Rahul Lakhani for Lakhani Residence, Muland

Rahul Lakhani for Lakhani Residence, Muland
“Working with Shimona for our home project was a fantastic experience. We were convinced about working with her the first time we met here at her office. Her ideas and taste instantly connected with our vision for our home. Her sense of design and aesthetics is simply brilliant. She has the uncanny ability to take a single item (say a vase) and envision an entire room around that item. She patiently weaves a story around her vision for your room so you can visualize the final output. She is also a master at channeling her contractors and vendors to perform at high levels of efficiency for the project. More than anything, she is a kind and gentle human being, who infuses each project with warmth and personality. We would never hesitate to work with her in the future. She truly cares for each client's wishes and works hard to deliver the best possible outcome.”