Spearman Sofa

Size: Height: 2’10” / Width: 7’5.5” / Depth: 2’11”

Material: White ash wood, Suede fabric


This Memphis inspired form is combined with striking bold and contrasting colors of upholstery, which adds to the cozy comfort of memory foam. The convenience of attached side tables makes the Spearman sofa the ideal piece to bring into the residence of clients who admire fine design with a youthful flavor. While the front speaks plenty for the aesthetic, our main feature, remains the back of the sofa. The name of the furniture is derived from these statement wooden elements inspired by a game of chess. This sofa is ideal for placing in spaces, which allows visual adoration of the back unlike conventional furniture pieces.

Capsule Cabinet

Size: Height: 6’11” / Width: 2’2” / Depth: 9.75”

Material: Metal framework, Fluted glass


The Capsule cabinet is a Memphis inspired furniture piece. It is made up of repurposed side tables and a metal framework. This visually symmetrical cabinet is highlighted with fluted glass within geometric shapes, which blends with the modern aesthetic of the space.

Locco Birds

Size: Can be customized

Material: Metal framework, Barrisol Fabric


Locco bird is a 16 feet long majestic light installation inspired by art deco. It is designed to be multi functional as it not only acts as the central lights source for the restaurant but also, as an artistic installation for the space. This customized light fixture spans across the large ceiling exaggerating the height of the space.

The powder coated sleek metal framework and combination of barrisol fabric brought about the feeling of lightness in the space. This design can be replicated and converted into wall mounted light fixtures as well as pendant light fixtures.

Tetris Collection

ZED Table


Material: Marble, Plywood, Stainless steel (Gold finish)


The ZED table consists of a versatile series of three uniquely hand crafted tables that straddle the line between sculpture and functional design. When used together, the pieces form a significant centre table depending on the orientation. Each of these is a combination of composite marble, stainless steel in a gold finish and glass. The various levels and layers of the table can be styled differently so as to allow a sense personalization to the clients. Each table has distinctive features and when brought together creates a grandeur of its own.

Fair Square Table


Material: Marble, Plywood, Stainless steel (Gold finish)


The Fair square table represents a minimal but luxurious aesthetic. This elegant and refined solid centre table is composed of rich lustrous marble along with gold patina finish to the metal mesh work, which takes this design to a whole new level of sophistication. It exaggerates the grandeur of the space but also maintains its essence of simplicity.

Pebble Collection

Pebble Console

Size: HEIGHT: 2’8”, LENGTH: 4’5”, DEPTH: 8”

Material: Corian ( solid surface) , plywood


The Pebble Console emulates the feel of modern sculpture with the classic architectural silhouette. This petite console is given its shape in bendable plywood and finished with a rich stone look. The piece is visually balanced with its curves and lines set in harmony. The horizontal member is laser cut with a beautifully curated pattern to create a play of light and shadow. In all a simple but dramatic addition to your space.

Pebble Dining Table

Size: HEIGHT-2’7”, LENGTH: 6’7”, DEPTH: 5’7”

Material: Corian (solid surface), plywood


The Pebble Dining Table emulates the feel of grandeur. The table is given its shape in bendable plywood and finished with a rich solid stone surface and shaped asymmetrically as a round edged triangle. The pebble shape table top rests on 3 solid architectural columns like supports.